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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Unethical behaviour:When was the last time you cheated?

Probably you let your eyes wander during an exam or you copied a friend’s course work without his/her knowledge. It could be that you rounded up numbers on an expenditure report. You may have used a cunning or cleverness to get an advantage over your little ones because they can't defend themselves. 

Stripping away these probabilities, millions of people all over the world are guilty of this unethical behaviour at one point or another in their life time. Some people may have felt great or justify themselves because they think as long as they did not hurt anyone is ok to cheat. Those who cheated generally felt excited, self-righteousness and a sense of superiority after their deed.

Is cheating a good moral norm or socially accepted? Why did people pang of conscience for not listening to their inner moral authority, “should” voice? Had people deceived themselves, justifying or underestimating cheating? Should they be feeling good because they were not caught? 

Take it or leave it there's quite a bit of cheating these days among younger generation. ... And often these efforts start at Universities because some students works at night to survive and they might not be able/find it easy to achieves a good grade….. at the risk of been caught cheating.  Some student cheated a lot by faking it, some even pay expert to do their course work for them.

For example, during my University days most of us have to work in a team, to solve problem on subjects such as accounting, business law, and business strategies with someone who was just pretending to be a team member. The fake team member would report the outcomes but no actual team member complained. And again, they felt just fine about it.

The fact that people feel satisfied after cheating is distressing, because there is impassioned reinforcement of the behaviour, meaning they could be more likely to do it again and again......

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  1. The last time I cheated, hmmm, I can't remember

  2. What is happening in our society is lost of self worth

  3. Lot of eyes wandering in my secondary school days lol. However, gone are the days.

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