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Friday, 30 January 2015

AMS:Does the woman always has to pay the price???

It hurts me so bad. to see our Nigerian female singer dressing repulsive, naked and behaving badly. Modest dressing brings beauty and class and I believe that when a lady expose her body unnecessarily, it is neither class nor trend; rather, it is as a result of a low self-esteem. 

Some Nigerian female celebrity thinks people will notice them and sell more album when they expose their body cheaply. Total misconception!!

Well, we all knew Nigeria’s are so good in learning borrowed cultures. Culture is the savoury reputation of every nation; must we throw away our culture for overseas cultures?

I notice that female singers who has no other talent than singing and dancing are the one who dress half naked or fully naked on stage while rotating their hips provocatively like a whore  and opening their inner compartments for the whole wide world to see.  

Nigerian female should emulate Emelie Sande, Adele, Asa, Oyenka  Onwenu, Rebecca Ferguson, Mary Mary, Lara George and Nneka. Now these are all talents and they are making it big. Money, money, money! 

If the pictures here are appropriate then the world has no meaning. Can we ever see wrong and say its wrong

The sex you're selling its not yours…’s God’s gift.

The body you have………it’s also not yours. It’s Gods.

The time and energy you have……….guess who gave you? God

The breath of life that you're making nonsense with…….guess who it returns to? God

Sex is from God believe it or not …….not from worshipping the devil or believing his lies. Godly people can do all sorts and more in the privacy of their bedroom without offending those who are not married or in relationships. I just can't get my head around this naked ambition notice me altitude of Nigerian celebrity nowadays.

Why are you ladies taking God’s gift and using it to taunt and disrespect Him? He gives the breath of life, He gives health, He gives wealth. There’s no good thing in worshipping the devil…… the end you all shall believe but I pray it will never be too late.

Pretending like their conscience doesn’t speak to them...... God is watching.....