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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"Facebook" or "Just the Internet"

I've been on Facebook for about seven years now. It has its advantages and disadvantages, although we all use it for different reasons but not everyone motives are respected in my book. I've come across so many different types of people on Facebook craving for... ATTENTION.

I've never witnessed so many people hunger after the likings of others pictures, comments and post in general. People brag about having so many friends, followers and others beg for friendship. It’s like you aren’t “popular" if you don't have over 1,000 friends on Facebook. But honestly the ones begging for friendship end up only talking to the same 10 personal friends, some people just want to appear like they're popular jingo. Outside of the Internet you are still who you are so don't change and front for thousands of people you will never meet.

Based on observation, here is what Facebook seems to be about for 50% that are members...

-If you compliment someone on Facebook, people will say you're thirsty and too much familiarity breed contempt (Nowadays, a genuine compliment is no longer accepted in the society.

-The people that added you as friend or follow you and don't personally know you will never really reply to your Facebook post, unless you compliment them or disrespect them. Oh but once you disrespect them which is really stating your honest opinion, they will end up saying you're looking for attention and want all of their friends.

-If you like messing about by posting funny stuff on Facebook you will get lots of likes and comments.

-If your main picture is of your bum and titties, you will get lots of male friends requesting to be your friend.

-If you talk about sex all the time, even though you won’t ever act on those things (fronting for the Internet), you will. Once again get lots of friends.

-A lot of people think they are Tyrese Gibson. You cannot give advice if you don’t live up to it. You cannot tell me how to get rich if you are broke.

-The same people claiming "it’s JUST Facebook" are the main one’s going crazy for adding strangers as friends. It may just be Facebook but that is our new form of entertainment and communication and quite frankly if you spend your time on the net, whether it is twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. and you choose to broadcast your thoughts, feelings and interact with others it doesn't just become "Facebook" or "just the Internet" it becomes reality.

People lives revolve around sharing thoughts that honestly should be kept to themselves, or better still get a journal. You don’t have to change who you are to please others! Just take a break from the social networking sites and find yourself. I have determined to take a break now and then from all these social media just to remind myself that I have a life and goals these sites are not helping me to reach. But once I reach them I'll be happy to share.


J Astonishing AlabaJ

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