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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Personal philosophy: All you have is yourself, if you share it...what's left for you??

As I go through some of my blog post, I think maybe I'm giving too much of myself out. But then again, it’s good to let certain things out - for people to know where you stand as an individual! This is not because you want to prove yourself to anyone but .....

 However, when you have accomplished things in life and you are on your path to success. Sometimes it’s better to say less and do more.

 People make up a great idea of who you are as a person, what you do, who you're with and how they feel your life should be. The honest truth is, these people know nothing about you.

 Over the years I have learned not to give too many people the privilege of knowing everything about myself. But, I'm still not perfect in hiding something about me. Then, The question is if I do give all of me out, there will be no mystery. My blogger readers, friends and probably strangers might get bored of me easily and move right along. Once you began opening up your life to the next person whether it be via Internet or in person. Be careful. They can use it against you later on. OK OK..not everyone out there is bad or can  harm you but neither is everyone looking out for your best interest.

 Ex #1. One of my past relationships were broadcasted everywhere in London by my sole called best friend. It felt like I was dating the world because no matter what I did, this false friend of mine, (babe you know yourself) will mentioned my relationship and discussed me with her so called friends,  it was obvious she was not happy for me at all. I did not notice until after the break up. She was around me all the time. I was even planning my wedding with her because I thought she was happy for me. Once the relationship ended, the truth came out it felt like I was splitting up with the world and with these false friends. She no longer cared or came around because the happy images were now ending. But I blame myself for letting her get too close. A year or two later, this "friend" is NOWHERE to be found.
 I can’t even turn to her for anything now because I am really scared of her actions and how she could berate someone behind their back. I am not just saying this but the people she told was telling me my story when I went for Christmas holiday last year and I said sorry that STORY was my story. What you were saying happened to me and I know who told you. Don't tell everyone everything. The less they know the better. She’s not LOYAL! Only God can keep your secret not even your siblings or mere friend.

 Ex #2 it’s pretty hard not to express exactly what's going on nowadays because you have Facebook, Twitter, blog spot, You-tube and Instagram’s. But just be careful. It saddens to see people telling ALL of their business over Facebook and then get mad when people are talking about them. You tell people exactly what you want to tell them. If your business is out there, you are giving people the authorisation to do and say what they want with this information. No matter what you do or say, people will perceive something the way it related or unrelated to them (Biased).

 The other day someone was using style to ask me about my relationship status through the Facebook. I was really mad at him and I have to delete all my picture of the Facebook and erase some info. Some people could be really weird!

 A simple quote "I have to watch my back, I'm not just anybody" can turn into "girl you know Alaba thinks she's famous, yep she has some Peeping Tom now" Lol.
                                Leave some secret. :)


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