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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Video: An Italian 25 years old Nun, Cristina Suor, won The voice of Italy 2014 with 31 million internet views

Well, Glory be to God! I think people voted for Sour Cristina (The singing Nun) not only because of her lovely voice, but, because they wanted a singer who isn't naked all the time. I doubt she'll appear in see through dresses, or completely commando …. Lol
Cristina Sour (Sister), become an international social media sensation with performances of Like a Prayer and Believer and took 60 per cent of the entire the voice of Italy vote before she finally won.  Then closed the show by leading the audience and preoccupied judges in the Lord’s Prayer.  
Check out below the winning song by Suor Cristina - "Beautiful That Way" - The Voice Of Italy 
The pretty Nun’s always performs enthusiastically in full custom and flexible shoes. After breaking all You Tube records following her first appearance with 31 million hits in just a week mark her the firm and people favourite to win. 
In the below video Adorable Cristina sang  - "What a feeling" - The Voice Of Italy - 07/05/2014  
According to DM, Cristina said: 'I want Jesus to come in here!' 'My presence here is not up to me, it's thanks to the man upstairs!' She said: 'I will go back to my priorities – prayer, waking up early in the morning, school service. That's fundamental for me to be able to begin something new later on.'
She is a breath of fresh air, isn’t she?
The remarkable nun has won a record contract, amidst some people criticism with Universal Records but has yet to decide if she will take up a full-time pop career.

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