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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Internet Dating Ends Horrible: A French woman was buried alive on her First date, report say

There are good first dates, bad first dates and then there's THIS. Please stop killing our girls!  Ladies please be careful! Internet dating is not always the best! Just saying, she that have ears let her hears……

The Story – A French woman who traveled to meet a man she had been talking to on the internet for months never realized she wouldn't live long enough for date number two.

The weird man slaughter, Moroccan man, told authorities that the date was going fine until El Houari, the deceased woman, keeled over and collapsed. He claimed he thought she was dead, and proceeded to bury her in his backyard garden.

El Houari was actually a diabetic and had fallen into a coma, the newspaper reported. She slowly suffocated to death. Police dug up El Houari’s body after receiving a tip from her family, who had filed a missing persons report to Moroccan police.

Authorities charged the man with involuntary manslaughter after he reportedly confessed.

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