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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

7-year-old girl shocks judges with the rendition of Billie Holiday classic -"Gloomy Sunday"

Girl, 7, wows talent show judges with amazing voice
Blue songs are hard to understand, because the song is always sung with feeling of sadness, heart ache and mistreatment from love one. This little angle have sang from Billie Holiday hit was just pure wonderful -'out of the mouth of babes", in this case a little 7 year old girl. This is a performance that take your breath away, and more importantly, make you feel something of depth in the heart.
Read the story and watch the full video below:
Angelina Jordan Asta is an incredible 8-year-old girl from Norway. The young girl rendition of Gloomy Sunday earned her a standing ovation on the show 'Norway's Got Talent.' One of the judges was in tears by the end, and another had goose bumps.

Angelina told a Norwegian TV station, she came across 'Gloomy Sunday' on YouTube while looking for a jazz song to help her fall asleep. She added, 'I felt something special about it ... when I sang it for my mum, she said that this song is nice, but it was incredibly sad...'

                Iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday.

So sad, in fact, the BBC banned the Billie Holiday version during World War II out of fear it would lower troop morale.
As a blogger, I have search for the song and is really creepy, I don't like it and I don't want my seven years old kid listen to such song.... see the lyrics below ....
Sunday is gloomy my hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows I live with are numberless
Little white flowers will never awaken you
Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thought of ever returning you
Would they be angry if I thought of joining you?
Gloomy Sunday

[[Gloomy is Sunday with shadows I spend it all
My heart and I have decided to end it all
Soon there'll be candles and prayers that are sad I know
Let them not weep let them know that I'm glad to go
Death is no dream for in death I'm caressing you
With the last breath of my soul I'll be blessing you
Gloomy Sunday]]

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
I wake and I find you asleep in the deep of my heart dear
Darling I hope that my dream never haunted you
My heart is telling you how much I wanted you
Gloomy Sunday

It was Angelina's soulful and hauntingly similar take on the song that had fans so impressed.

As a reporter for Metro put it, she 'belted out the world weary essence of a heartbroken, middle-aged woman.'

A writer for the Daily Caller wrote she sang as if she had 'lived a hard, booze-filled life.'

To no one's surprise, the judges sent Angelina through to the next round.

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