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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fake boyfriend: Anything in China is for sale and that includes Chinese men

Meeting someone new isn't always the easiest of tasks, so spare a thought for China's young women who face intense parental pressure to find the right man.

As a result, women terrified of returning home without a handsome other half resort to hiring 'boyfriends' for the duration of their visit. Now a shopping website, Taobao, has launched a new rent-a-boyfriend service which allows would-be fake other halves to advertise their services - complete with price lists.
If a services include seeing a thriller film, client would have to pay double and a 50 yuan peck on the lips, hand-holding and a goodbye kiss on the cheek or forehead are free. The fake pair normally exchange photos and do rehearsal before going ahead with the rental. 

Chinese women in particular still face enormous parental pressure to meet a suitable man and rather than face a barrage of questions from nosy relatives, hire their men instead. Despite the detailed list of services and attempts - on both sides - to keep relations professional, some of the rent-a-boyfriends admit that it can, at times, be difficult.
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