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Thursday, 14 November 2013

AMS Love Stories: What I Want You to See From The Voice of a Woman


Today I had a plan of what love story I was going to write, but it went out of the window when I was reminiscing about past relationships —  heartbroken, impatience, summer love, waiting, letting go, confused, falling apart, leaving, ……….. LIFE GOES ON.

What I was going to write earlier can wait. I felt my thought were very important that I had to share here. I know for me the words were sensitive, yet important. I KNOW some men out there needed to hear them and I hope they will remember them each and every day.
What I Want You to See
See all the things I am doing right, not all the things I’m doing wrong.
See the way my heartlongs for you until you find me.
See how the sight of your face makes me sigh with relief.
See the way my face changes when you take time to explain things to me.
See what a little patience and compassion can do for my frown.
See the way I look at you when you buy me things.
See that it doesn’t take much to make me feel loved and secure.
See that I gave it my all even though I didn’t quite succeed.
See that I’d do anything to make you proud and want me.
See that the line on my face is because I am growing, not because I am ugly.
See that I want to grow up to be just like your Princess .
See that I’m calm and quiet when I am sleeping.
See that I’m relaxed and pleased when I am around your family.
See that I’m going to be a great wife if you can just look beyond the flaws.
See how a few words of affirmation make my shoulders rise.
See that my eyes tear up a little when we say goodbye.
See that my favourite pastime is spending time with you.
See that you’re the light of my life.
See the way I’m sweating when I’m doing the house chore
See that I desperately want to be the light of yours.
See me for what I am: a woman who has many needs, but also a heart full of love.
See that beneath the stomach and above my chest, I am your everyday medicine.
And if you look a little deeper and fix your eyes on me a little longer, you’ll see all that I am. I'll always be true, so please my love see me.

Out of all the boyfriends I had gone out with in the past, I think about S. J the most. I’ll be honest, that man haunts my dreams. I tried to make things better between us but the more I try the worst it gets. 
I sought as much outside help as I could to improve our relationship situation. But I’m still left with the feeling that I could have done more.

Maybe that’s why I have decided to look into my MAN’s eyes when he speaks, even though I’ve heard that story ten times already.

Maybe that’s why I have decided to pay attention to my God given man when he say, “Watch me, Alaba!” And not only do I watch, but I say, “I see you, darling. I see you!”

Maybe that’s why I have decided to look for the good, always the good in my MAN, even when I have to dig a little to find it. Maybe that’s why I say, “I will wait patiently” even though my MAN is yet to find me but my passion for him remains.

Because loving a person means seeing the person, really seeing the person, above the distractions, the chaos, the mess, the family background and the imperfections.
Loving a person means seeing the person with so much love in your eyes that you can’t hold back the tears.
Because you are her MAN and she is your unconditional sweetheart. And you couldn’t bear the thought of her belonging to anyone else.
Love, like they do say, is made up of three unconditional characters in equal measure:

2.Understanding (See)

Remove any one of the three and the triangle falls apart, which, by the way, is something highly unwise to do. Think about it — do you really want to live in a world of only two dimensions?

So, for the love of a triangle, please keep love unbroken
Enjoy this video of Katty Perry (Unconditionally) and thank you for reading xo xo


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