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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

When Rihanna was caugth posing outside the famous Abu Dhabi mosque, She was kicked out.

Anywhere Rihanna goes, conflict opinion is sure to follow — and Abu Dhabi is no exception.
And Rihanna’s I don’t care attitude and choice to do whatever she wants has landed her into a bit of trouble again.  

This time around she was branded ‘disrespectful’ by fan.
The Barbadian Pop megastar made a stop at the du Arena on Yas Island this Saturday, but it wasn’t her show that had people talking; rather a set of professional photographs posted to her Instagram that day.

The shots see the singer fully clad in a conservative black jumpsuit and head covering, striking high fashion poses outside Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.
Though some found Rihanna’s outfit stylish and didn’t take offence to the photos, others found them to be disrespectful, talking to social media to express their dissatisfactions.

A statement that was release from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre claimed she was asked to leave after "inappropriate pictures" were taken.

The photos "did not comply with terms and conditions" of organised visits.
The mosque said Rihanna, 25, first arrived "at an entrance that was not designated for visitors".
"She was confronted by the mosque officials and directed to the appropriate entrance to the mosque, to carry out a visit under the normal conditions."
Several of the photos could be construed as suggestive, with one showing the pop star lying on her back in the mosque's courtyard.

The mosque is a major tourist attraction and had more than three million visitors last year.

Rihanna's publicity team have yet to make a comment.

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