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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oops! : Unfaithful wife blind date turns out to be her father-in-law

The last thing you need when planning to cheat on your husband with a mystery man is for the guy to turn out to be his father.

That’s what reportedly happened when the 28- year- old Lili went on a secret date in Heilongjiang province, north-east China, with a man she had met on the internet.

Little did she know that she had arranged a blind date with her father in law, Wang Pai because they had both used false identity on the dating site.
As if things couldn’t get any worse, it happens that the unfaithful wife had been followed to the hotel location by her husband, the man’s son, Wang Jai.
When she rang the doorbell to the hotel room while in her pink bathrobe and the dad answered, Mr Jai went bananas and started to physical attack both of them.
Mr Wang (Sr), 57, spoke of his surprise at finding out his secret date was his daughter in law.
He said: ‘We eventually agreed to meet for a romantic liaison, but when I opened the door I don’t know if she was more surprised or me.
‘She turned round and ran off down the hallway straight into her husband, my son, who had been following her.’
The husband was detained for five days after knocking out two of his wife’s teeth and causing his father to be taken to hospital with a head injury.

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