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Monday, 14 October 2013

A Newlywed Man Forgets Wife On Honeymoon At The Petrol Station.

The German couple and their children on honeymoon had pulled over at a service station, with the bride, on hoping out of their minibus to use the public convenience. The husband accidentally drove off without his wife, believing his wife is sleeping in the back of the vehicle.

It wasn't until two hours later when his kids became restless near the German city of Braunschweig - about 200km away from the petrol station – that he realised his wife was not in the minibus.

"My first reaction was ‘is he daft’? I had no money or telephone with me," the 33-year-old woman told FFH.

The man contacted police and another three hours later the couple were reunited.

"I am not annoyed with my husband. He didn't do it on purpose," the bride said.

Happy Ending  J



  1. I guess the husband is drunk

  2. He didn't do it on purpose but to get media attention. lol